Payot Hydra 24+* Super Hydrating Comforting Mask - Franks

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Payot Hydra 24+

Payot - Super Hydrating Comforting Mask



Suggested Usage

Treat the skin to a hydrating bath.

- Reduce dehydration; improve the entire water circulation system from the basal layer right up to the surface.
- Boost cell energy to delay the first signs of aging.
- Protect the skin against external aggression.

The skin is fully hydrated, fresh, soft and plumped. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed. The complexion is luminous and radiant.

Red Algae, H2O Patch (patent), Melon and Fig Extracts, Creatine , Vitamin C, Red Algae, Vitamin E

Apply a thick layer to the face, neck, and Décolleté. Leave to work for 15 minutes and remove the excess using cotton pads. Apply toner.

Size : 50ml


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