Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Gift Pack 50ml - Franks

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Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Gift Pack 50ml

Jean Paul Gaultier - Eau De Parfum



Gift Pack Includes: Eau De Parfum 50ml + Body Lotion 75ml Scandal is a new kind of fragrance for women: the elegant aura that it leaves in her wake is sullied by the Pigalle spirit beloved by Jean Paul Gaultier. Even Madam Minister is tempted by this scent of Scandal. It's more than a breath of fresh air – it’s a breath of freedom. At night, everyone (at Jean Paul Gaultier) is allowed to be a party animal, make a scene & be scandalous. Even Madam Minister! We can't even tell anymore if someone is a high-society lady (huge fantasy) or a queen of the night (huge fantasy). They're birds of a feather.

  • Top Note: Honey Gardenia
  • Heart Note:Honey
  • Base Note: Honey Patchouli

Size : 50ml


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