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Lancaster Suractif Comfort Lift

Lancaster - High Intensity Serum


Suggested Usage

Lancaster innovation: Retinol-Matrix Complex, result of over 30 years Retinol experience combines retinol-like compounds and retinol derivates to create a new retinol complex adapted to all skin levels.

Works with the exclusive Double Dermogrip technology that acts like "velcro" "on the dermo-epidermic interface, between the deep skin layers and the surface. UV protection (SPF 15). Re-empowers your skin thanks to its effect on cell proliferation. Patented powerful anti-oxidant complex (RPF).

This highly concentrated serum empowers your skin with intense lifting, illuminating and comforting action. Your face is lifted, illuminated and recovers comfort.

Splash your face with ice cold water to give it a stimulating, firming, instant lift. Pat dry, don't pull

Size : 30ml


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