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Miller Harris Scherzo

Miller Harris Scherzo

An intensely vibrant scent, full of colour, depth and a rush of sweetness, Scherzo captures a multitude of blooms: dark red rose, clouds of peony, sunny yellow narcissus and crisp white pittosporum. The sweetness of tangerine is offset by the intoxicating purple richness of davana, which adds a twist of liquor to the scent. The base shimmers with oudh, earthy patchouli and a sprinkling of sugar to capture the feeling of a confectioner’s window. Launched in 2018, Scherzo is inspired by a passage of text in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. This short passage was the only thing given to perfumer Mathieu Nardin as the brief for the fragrance to be created. The resulting perfume has gone onto become an instant classic and bestseller in our house of fragrances at Miller Harris.
Size: 75ml

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Miller Harris

Celebrating 20 years at the forefront of British couture perfumery, Miller Harris has a spirit of bespoke fragrance creation at its centre. Committed to using natural materials, and fiercely protective of the environment, the brand strives to find beauty in the everyday and create fragrances inspired through a life well lived and encounters with the natural world.

Established in the heart of London, their fragrances explore natural beauty in the urban landscape and breathe colour and life into the classic perfumer’s world, striking a balance between the craft and the art.