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Payot Hydra 24+ Set


Suggested Usage

The Hydra 24+ promo box is the perfect beauty routine for dehydrated skin.

The fresh and light primer Hydra 24+ Essence in gel form with a cornflower blossom infusion supplies the skin with moisture, smooths it and plumps it up. The texture is as light as a lotion and as hydrating as water - an immediate freshness effect guaranteed.

The plumping moisturizer Hydra 24+ Crème Glacée melts gently with the skin and provides 24 hours of intensive hydration and an immediate, permanently pleasant feeling on the skin.

The moisturizing eye roll-on against tired appearance is ideal for the sensitive area of ​​the eye contour. The refreshing texture erases signs of tiredness and smooths out immediately.

The set contains:
Hydra 24+ Crème Glacée 50ml
Hydra 24+ Essence 125ml
Hydra 24+ Regard Glacon 15ml

In the morning and in the evening, first apply the primer and then the moisturizing cream to the perfectly cleansed face. Finally, apply the eye roll-on to the cleansed area around the eyes and gently work it in from the inside out, avoiding the movable lid.

Size : 50ml+125ml+15ml


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