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Payot Pate Grise* L’Originale Payot

Payot Pate Grise

Payot - L'Originale - Anniversary Edition


Suggested Usage

A historic Dr Nadia PAYOT formula, this care product is the treatment of choice to correct defects of the skin and remove unsightly blemishes during the night.Activates The maturation of minor spots andf neutralises bacteria. It purifies impurities, protects against external aggressions,calms and soothes inflammation.

A legendary formula created by Dr. Nadia PAYOT, PéTE GRISE is the reference for flawless skins since 3 generations!

Created in 1947,Pate Grise is a beauty secret pased down from mother ti daughter to make minor spots disappear.

Apply locally, every night, to the affected areas on a perfectly cleansed skin, with a cotton bud.

Size : 15ml

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