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Revolution Lost My Head Scented Candle Accessories

Revolution Lost My Head Scented Candle



Discover your new flame with the Revolution Scented Candle home collection. Choose from 6 uniquely fragranced candles to create the perfect atmosphere to match your mood throughout your home. Warm lighting, soothing atmosphere and a wonderful sensory experience. Each candle, a perfect stocking filler, birthday gift or even a little treat to yourself. Packaged in a weighted, coloured frosted glass container with beautiful foil detailing. Each candle has up to 40 hours of burning time for a long-lasting fragrant experience. Transform your home into a sensory haven with the full Revolution Home collection including the Revolution Room Spray & Revolution Reed Diffuser in matching fragrances. Place your candle in a well-ventilated area safely distanced from any materials and furnishings. Do not leave your candle unattended while burning. Blow out the flame when you have had time to enjoy the beautiful fragrance. Each Revolution scented candle has up to 40 hours burn time. Allow your candle to cool down and for the wax to set fully before attempting to move.

Revolution Lost My Head Scented Candle – a dark and dreamy scent of lavender and tonka bean. Perfect for a deep and moody aromatic experience.

Size : 200gr


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