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Seven7een Delicate Nail Polish Remover

Seven7een Delicate Nail Polish Remover

The Delicate Nail Polish Remover contains a unique combination of essential oils and vitamins, such as Lavender extract, Argan oil and Vitamin E, that protects and nourishes your nails while removing nail polish perfectly.

Remove the nail polish from your nails using a piece of cotton soaked with the Delicate Nail Polish Remover.
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Seventeen, a beloved Greek cosmetics brand, was founded in 1961 with the goal to create beauty products of the highest quality. Moving forward with the same goal in mind, the brand maintains a loyal clientele that loves the efficiency of the products.
Seventeen’s products are created in the privately owned facilities of the company in Athens and based on the highly specialized research conducted by the company’s internal R&D department, thus meeting all the latest technical specifications, while the use of the best raw materials ensures the production of effective products with excellent texture.