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Shiseido Ginza

Shiseido - Eau De Parfum

Shiseido Ginza

Shiseido - Eau De Parfum

Ginza Eau de parfum, the new fragrance for women which heightens the most vibrant and powerful facets of femininity. A floral bouquet sharpened by woods, the perfect balance between strength and femininity. THE INSPIRATION “I have no magic power; I make personality my magic power” (Bushido, The Samurai creed) THE STORY Discover the spirit of Ginza, Japan’s most cosmopolitan district, the origin of Shiseido. Ginza, the fragrance of an irresistible woman who expresses her femininity in all its contrasts. A sacred synthesis of contradictions : subtle yet intense, delicate yet strong, wise yet passionate. Ginza encourages women to reclaim their femininity, build their self-confidence, and unleash its unsuspected power. THE BOTTLE</> A black dagger plunges right into the bottle in a symbolic reminder of the inner strength hidden in every woman. Rounded curves balance out the design, as the radiant pink perfume shines through the transparent glass.   THE FRAGRANCE Ginza is a floral bouquet sharpened by woods. The natural elegance of floral scents combines with the intensity of sacred wood notes to produce a perfectly balanced blend. At the heart of the bouquet, jasmine delicately unfolds its most sumptuous facets. Magnolia and Japanese orchid petals join in the dance, sharpened by the hinoki wood. At once strong and gentle, the scent of this sacred Japanese cypress recalls the intensity of patchouli and the depth of sandalwood. On the skin, this woody floral fragrance is as feminine as it is vibrant: decidedly unique. #TheGinzaSpirit #ShiseidoFragrance HOW TO APPLY THE PERFUME? Spray the Eau de Parfum onto your pulse points: wrists, under your ears and around your neck. To prolong and enhance your fragrance, combine with Ginza body care products such as the Perfumed shower cream, the Perfumed body lotion and the Perfumed deodorant.

Top notes: Pomegranate, Pink Peppercorn
Heart notes: Jasmine, Japanese Orchid, Magnolia, Freesia
Base notes: Hinoki wood, Sandalwood, Patchouli
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