Dior Fix It Colour

Directly inspired by the backstage techniques of Peter Philips, the Backstage Pros range offers […]

Directly inspired by the backstage techniques of Peter Philips, the Backstage Pros range offers expert products that are clever and astute. Easy to use, perfectly targeted and instantly effective, these tools used on Dior catwalks and fashion shoots are undisputed references that have made their mark.

Today the range welcomes a new must-have: Fix-It Colour, the new accessory for a professionally perfect complexion.
Dior creates its first multifunction colour corrector, available in 4 key shades. Handy, targeted and extremely clever, Fix It Colour delivers the performance of a high-definition image filter. It serves as the super skilled perfector for every makeup routine while doubling as an instant touch-up tool during the day. Ultra multipurpose, it instantly neutralizes colour imperfections in the 3 key areas of the face: complexion, lips and eye contours.

“A range of colour correcting sticks that link the expertise of backstage techniques with the desirability of tutorial tools.” Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup

2 textures in 1 unique stick – Prime colour correction.
• Enriched in soft focus powders, the translucent core helps smooth and blur skin texture while filling in fine lines. Smoothed and enhanced, the eye contour, lips and complexion are perfectly prepared for
• Tailored colour correction all round. The tinted formula – available in shades of green, yellow, blue or apricot, depending on the correction required – fuses with the skin without caking. It blends instantly into all complexions to gently correct colour imperfections.

4 expert magic colours: For each colour filter, a targeted solution.
Used alone or in combination, following the “clowning” technique, it neutralizes colour irregularities in the skin with all the skill and performance of a professional makeup artist.

100 Blue: anti-dullness action
This lilac-blue is expert on yellow-toned Caucasian skins and Asian skins. It evens out tired complexions for extra glow. Dabbed on the light-catching areas – the forehead and the tips of the cheeks – it gives them an instantly fresh and rested look.
200 Apricot: perfect for matte or tanned complexions
Designed to even out dark skins, it tones down greyness, diminishes dark spots and corrects areas of hyper pigmentation and dark circles that tend towards an olive hue.
300 Yellow: corrects dark spots and circles
Targeted application of this must-have for light skins erases violet-tinted shadows, from blood vessels to circles under the eyes. It neutralizes lips with a blue hue, bringing out the real colour of the lipstick.
400 Green: the anti-redness ally
Specially dedicated to light complexions and rosy skins, it is used in light touches to fade blood vessels and flushed areas.