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Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue continues its summer journey through the Mediterranean, returning to […]

Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue continues its summer journey through the Mediterranean, returning to the crystal blue waters of Capri. From the Faraglioni and the Grotta Azzurra, to the Piazzetta and the white villas of Anacapri, it is Capri where the iconic love story of Light Blue began. Launching this summer 2016, two new, limited edition fragrances – Light Blue Love in Capri for women and Light Blue Beauty of Capri for men – will celebrate this island of wonder and love.

Light Blue Love in Capri for Women

Taking inspiration from the twining vines of cream coloured Honeysuckle flowers, Love in Capri is a Floral, Rich White Floral fragrance. Opening with crisp Lemon and Mandarin, the vivid, sun-kissed colours and aromas of the island shine through with these zesty, citrus top notes.

A unique combination of white florals forms the heart and celebrates the striking flora found in the island’s springtime bloom. A soft Honeysuckle accord provides sweetness alongside the creamy Almond Blossom, replicating the fragrant aromas of the Honeysuckle found flowering in Capri. Almond Blossom, used for the first time in a Light Blue fragrance, unfolds an inviting sensuality. Jasmine and Heliotrope complete the richness of this floral signature.

Light Blue Beauty of Capri for Men

The lush nature and beauty of Capri is captured by Light Blue Beauty of Capri. From the glistening, rocky silhouettes of the coast, to the green woodland overlooking the sea, and the groves of the famous sour Cedrat fruit found across the island.

This Woody, Aromatic scent opens with the crisp youthful juiciness of citrus oils obtained from the thick rind of the Cedrat, found in the wild groves across the island. The Cedrat oil’s freshness is enhanced by the Bitter Orange and Sicilian Bergamot, the highest quality bergamot oil available and drawn directly from the Designers’ homeland.

At the heart there is sweet-smelling Neroli. Derived from the blossom of the Bitter Orange tree, Neroli combines with the Marine accord to conjure up images of the cooling sea water, whilst providing a balance to the trio of citrus fruit top notes. A touch of vibrant Sichuan Pepper evokes memories of the salty sea air blowing gently across the sun-drenched horizon.