Introducing… The NEW Velvet Sleeping Mask by Sisley

That feeling of happiness when you wake up after a good night’s […]

That feeling of happiness when you wake up after a good night’s sleep is about to get even better with the introduction of new Velvet Sleeping Mask. Sisley is making your sweet dreams last right into the morning with this airy, silky mask that brings comfort and hydration to dry skin. Designed to work overnight during the skin’s key recovery period, it might even have you springing out of bed in the morning to greet your visibly revitalized and velvety soft complexion.

The Power of Night

We convinced you about the importance of getting your beauty sleep here by explaining the recovery processes that your skin undergoes while you sleep. Naturally occurring mechanisms work overnight to balance moisture and help repair cell damage. Nighttime is the key period for regeneration and therefore the ideal time for a targeted treatment that can support these mechanisms and improve their function. Even more ideal is the fact that skin becomes more permeable overnight, making it highly receptive to absorbing key ingredients and experiencing their benefits.

Meet the Night Owls

Introducing... The NEW Velvet Sleeping Mask by Sisley

While you are dreaming away, carefully selected extracts are staying up all night comforting and hydrating your skin. Saffron Flower Extract supplies the skin with calming benefits, working with Pro-vitamin B5 to help soothe the irritations of dry skin. Thyme Honey, a new Sisley key ingredient, supports the skin’s natural regenerative functions and Shea butter soothes and protects for a combined restorative effect that leaves skin looking revitalized, strengthened, and better resistant during the day.

Dry skin especially requires nourishment and deep hydration; Macadamia oil, Cottonseed oil, Kokum butter, and Japanese Lilyturf extracts, address moisture and lipid deficiency to visibly hydrate skin, restoring its suppleness and softness. Meeting the skin’s long-term hydration needs, Padina Pavonica boosts replenishment of the skin’s deep-water reserves creating long lasting moisturization benefits.

Rise and Shine

With improvements to the moisture levels and the skin’s ability to better maintain them, the complexion is strengthened and better able to resist harmful aggressors throughout the day. In the morning, your skin appears well-rested, revitalized and smoother. Perfectly nourished and moisturized, the complexion feels velvety, soft, and supple and looks radiant.

Get ready for some sweet dreams…and even sweeter mornings!

Introducing... The NEW Velvet Sleeping Mask by Sisley