Phyto-cosmetology is the concept at the center of Sisley’s creations and relates […]

Phyto-cosmetology is the concept at the center of Sisley’s creations and relates to using the best plant-based extracts in order to create the best cosmetics.




Each plant extract contains active properties that create a specific action.  Through the effect of complementarity, the combination of several extracts allows for the optimization of each extract. Sisley uses its expertise in phyto-cosmetology to create the ideal combination of powerful plant-based extracts and to offer a tailored and comprehensive solution.

Over the course of time, man has learned to live in harmony with nature and he has harnessed it to nourish and care for himself, but also as a means of protecting and beautifying his skin.

Sisley has drawn its inspiration from the very heart of the plant and has established itself at the forefront of phyto-cosmetology.  Plants’ vital energy, their capacity for regeneration and adaptation, their protection systems, and their fragrances have been put to use for the skin.

To create these products, Sisley selects the best type of plant in its category, the most effective part of the plant for the problem being treated, the country or region where this plant is the best and, finally, Sisley harvests the plant at the very moment when it will provide the most effective active properties.

Sisley know-how combines an understanding of plants, their composition, and their effects on the way the skin works with an understanding of the skin and its mechanisms.  In this way, before being used, precious active ingredients are rigorously selected for their biological properties and according to their affinity with the skin.  Through a process that can take several years, Sisley’s scientific teams research the best dosages and combinations of the most effective active ingredients, allowing them to create the most complete formulas and to provide the most comprehensive solutions to a given problem.



In certain products, Sisley laboratories complete formulas by using essential oils, non-greasy substances mainly obtained by distilling certain parts of plants. These oils, which naturally perfume our products, contribute to the products’ comprehensive action.