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Anny Devil’S Choice

Anny Devil’S Choice

quick-drying , perfect brushability , excellent coverage
Size: 15ml

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ANNY is part of ARTDECO cosmetic group from Germany, one of the most successful producers of high-quality cosmetics in Europe. Since its launch in 2011, ANNY has become one of the most sought-after brands in the nail polish category. Each individual ANNY nail polish is a miniature work of art. Designed for women who like to reinvent themselves, push boundaries and experiment with unusual looks. They look for a nail polish that suits their style and their active life. Because unlike decorative cosmetics, the nail polish must be able to hold its own when they are having fun at sport or wellness. Inspired by the great fashion capitals Los Angeles, New York and Miami, and their creative influence, ANNY delights with exceptional color schemes. ANNY nail polishes now sell worldwide in the millions. This small design object and its exceptional shades of color brighten life up in 29 countries. ANNY is the it-nail polish for a new era.