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Issey Miyake A Drop D’Issey* Eau De Parfum Fragrance

Issey Miyake A Drop D’Issey

Issey Miyake - Eau De Parfum



A DROP THAT MAGNIFIES THE BEAUTY OF NATURE A Drop d’Issey, Issey Miyake’s new eau de parfum for women, is an invitation to see the world in a new way, to discover the beauty and poetry hidden in nature. A perfume with a floral, solar lilac signature perceived through the lens of a musky note and a hint of almond milk accord. SOLAR LILAC ENLIGHTEN BY A MUSKY SIGNATURE One of perfumery’s most mysterious flowers, lilac doesn’t give up its secrets easily. An uncatchable flower, its fragrance cannot be extracted from the flower in its natural state and must be recreated by the creative talents and imagination of the perfumer. For A Drop d’Issey, perfumer Ane Ayo imagined a modern lilac, a full-bodied fragrance, a marriage between nature and technology. Combining natural and synthetic ingredients, this solar lilac was created using green chemistry with the most innovative technical processes, while protecting the lilac flower by eliminating the need to harvest it. The top note of the fragrance is delicately floral with pure, clear, damask rose. The perfume’s middle notes magnify the enveloping fragrance of solar lilac with hints of almond milk and ethically sourced orange flower. The base notes round out the fragrance with a musky accord of upcycled cedarwood atlas and vanillin. JUST A DROP Combining the simplicity of a perfect circle with the transparency of 5% recycled glass, the drop-shaped bottle is designed to be laid flat. On the box, a gleaming mirror lens creates a ‘fish eye’ distortion, inviting us to see differently and open our mind to new perspectives. The paper used in the packaging is made using materials from well-managed forests and other controlled sources. FRAGRANCE RITUAL 1. Spray the fragrance directly onto pulse points: your neck, wrists and inner elbows. The perfume may also be sprayed generously over upper garments and the upper half of your body. 2. For a long-lasting sillage, complement your fragrance with A Drop d’Issey shower cream and body lotion."

Top Notes: Almond Milk Accord
Middle Notes: Solar Lilac Accord
Base Notes: Musky Notes


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