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Naj Oleari Sunkissed Lipstick 03 SPF 25

Naj Oleari Sunkissed Lipstick 03 SPF 25

Ultra-bright lipstick with SPF 25 protection. The texture is creamy and glides on easily, instantly bringing a natural, luminous colour to the lips, and a pleasant, comfortable moisturising sensation. Buildable coverage for soft, gorgeous lips that are protected even when exposed to sun. Enriched with hyaluronic microspheres, shea butter and avocado extract, with emollient properties..

Apply the lipstick directly on the lips, starting from the center and working up to the corners.

Jojoba oil: provides an intense feeling of hydration thanks to its nourishing properties.

Macadamia oil: contains a perfectly balanced mix of essential fatty acids having emollient and moisturizing properties.

Shea butter: serves as a protective barrier to enhance elasticity while preventing dry and chapped lips.

Musk rose: oil rich in fatty acids with anti-aging properties.

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