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Revolution Finding Balance Room Spray



Release an alluring scent in just one spritz with the Revolution Room Spray home collection. Choose from 6 uniquely fragranced room sprays to create the perfect atmosphere to match your mood throughout your home. A flame free option for creating a soothing atmosphere and a wonderful sensory experience. Each room spray, a perfect stocking filler, birthday gift or even a little treat to yourself. Packaged in a weighted, coloured glass container with beautiful gold foil detailing. Each room spray contains 100ml of concentrated fragrance in a signature scent for an instantaneous and uplifting change of atmosphere, mood and a fragrant experience. Spray your Revolution Room Spray in any space in your home to create an atmosphere to match your mood. Spritz your favourite scent in your bedroom to create a calming mood after a long day, create a chill vibe in your bathroom to help you really soak up some relaxation during your bath or have your Room Spray to hand in your living room to offer a beautiful atmosphere and fragrant personality to the room. How to use: Spray your Revolution Room Spray into the air in a well-ventilated area safely distanced from any materials or fabrics.

Revolution Finding Balance Room Spray - a citrus and floral scent with notes of ginger, grapefruit and lily. Perfect for a calming floral aromatic experience.

Size : 100ml


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