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Valentino Aqua

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The new Valentino Uomo and Donna Acqua fragrances mark the start of a cool new luxury, incarnated by the fresh faces of Clement Chabernaud and Maartje Verhoef.

Valentino Donna Acqua

An irreverent clash of lightness and indulgence composed by Sonia Constant, Valentino Donna Acqua is a collision between tender green almond and frosted pear. The warmth of a frangipani rose accord meets a suggestion of sandalwood and hawthorn.

Valentino Uomo Acqua

Composed by Alexis Dadier and Sophie Labbé, Valentino Uomo Acqua is a contemporary exploration of freshness and intensity. The aromatic green of an Italian garden is laced with mandarin, citron and green tomato. The subversive depth of iridescent white leather with iris absolute.

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