Deep Euphoria

liberated – empowered – provocative Deep Euphoria enters a new olfactive territory […]

liberated – empowered – provocative

Deep Euphoria enters a new olfactive territory as the first vibrant chypre floralin the Calvin Klein portfolio.  The fragrance opens with notes of cascalone and black magic rose that intertwine to create an aura of humidity throughout the entire fragrance, imparting a sultry wetness that enhances the signature sensuality. The top and mid’s mix brings a modern femininity and a pure quality of richness to the fragrance, and the dry down of enveloping sensual musk brings a smooth, sensual texture that is rich and undeniably sensual, immersing you deep within the fragrance, evoking warmth and pleasure.

These complementary elements embody a unique dichotomy of empowerment and true glamour, expressing the many facets of the deep euphoria woman’s personality.

Top Notes:       cascalone, white pepper, mandarin leaves

Mid Notes:      black magic rose, geranium, jasmine sambac

Dry Notes:       musk, patchouli, mineral woods

The Deep Euphoria Calvin Klein bottle speaks to the youthful, modern woman who embodies femininity in an empowered way. it reinterprets the sensuality of the classic euphoria bottle by playing up the curved contours and luxurious textures with a deep aubergine color, contrasted with glossy black accents.  Topped with a rectangular prism, the sculptural ellipse flacon is a work of art that is polished, yet organic, echoing the enigmatic combination of a fragrance that embodies empowerment.

The bottle is housed in a glossy black carton with a diagonal beam of neon glow, suggesting the allure of a door slightly ajar that invites you to peak in.