Introducing Burberry Hero…

Adam Driver goes in search of freedom and transformation for Burberry Hero […]

Adam Driver goes in search of freedom and transformation for Burberry Hero – the new fragrance for men by Riccardo Tisci. An exploration of oneself and a respect for the majesty of the natural world.Introducing Burberry Hero, Riccardo Tisci’s first scent for Burberry.

Enigmatic and adventurous, Burberry Hero is an enthralling marriage of strength and subtlety, power and compassion, athleticism and creativity.

A new masculine spirit exploring the house codes of duality and the power of the animal kingdom. A man in search of transformation and metamorphosis; a new modern heroism. Our vision is challenging the traditional stereotypes of masculinity, empowering you to transform to find the courage to embrace who you truly are.

Featuring a positive and heroic lead, the campaign sees man and horse mirror each other in their movements, pushing their physical limits to transform into a mythical creature – a metaphor for personal transformation. A new man. A hero.

Fresh, luminous and bold, the scent is brightened with sparkling bergamot and invigorated with juniper and black pepper. Juniper, a classic British ingredient of the perfumer’s palette, brings a vibrant freshness to the scent, and is deepened by a trio of warm cedarwood oils from three distinct mountain ranges: the Appalachians, the Atlas Mountains and the Himalayas.

The bottle is a modern reimagining of Burberry fragrance by Riccardo Tisci – featuring the Thomas Burberry Monogram. Its angular shape is an abstract reinterpretation of a horse’s hoof, engraved with our Burberry logo.

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