New Rouge Dior!

“I created this Rouge Dior collection so women can choose and change shades […]

“I created this Rouge Dior collection so women can choose and change shades to express themselves.” Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup

1953 The birth of a couture icon – Rouge Dior
He revolutionized women’s wardrobes in 1947 with the New Look silhouette. This year, Christian Dior had just one thing in mind: “to dress women’s smiles” with a true red. A red that would live up to the “Trafalgar coups,”as he called the scarlet dresses designed to wow his clients among the 200 or more models displayed at his Haute Couture shows. Dresses with shock factor and evocative names such as Scream, Zinia or Satan, which cultivated shades of poppy, madder or geranium. Rouge Dior, the limited edition lipstick with an obelisk-shaped cap,came in eight shades inspired by the Haute Couture fabrics and sparked wonder among the clients of the House on Avenue Montaigne, embracing its destiny from the word go. Over the years it has never stopped being modernized and reinvented…

2016 The lipstick of feel-good femininity
On the instigation of Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, Rouge Dior is reinventing itself to light up the smiles of women today. Women who run around and live and play with their look, who are unpredictable, rebellious and versatile, blithely adopting a femme fatale red one day and an innocent pink the next. Women who are returning to that special emotion that goes with an inimitable gesture– take off the cap, turn the tube, glide the stick over the lips and, for the sheer pleasure, touch up the colour during the day.

It actually doesn’t matter which finish or colour is used… With Rouge Dior and its cult 16-hour comfort, women feel good.* (* self-assessment by 60 women)

Couture shades – matte and satin

A colour palette that offers either a highly pigmented matte finish that never compromises on lasting comfort, or an infinitely sensual satin effect.

Five beautifully turned-out families from the legacy of the Avenue Montaigne couture house: iconic reds with names that evoke the “Trafalgar” dresses, Parisian high spots or Victoire the fashion model; vibrant corals full of life, the essence of femininity and energy; passionate, optimistic pinks to wear on every occasion; romantic rosewoods, almost faded yet irrefutably elegant.

A palette of lip colours that are ultra-desirable, tender or more classical, but never trivial. The unique Rouge Dior colour experience features Shade Perfector Complex technology, a duo of expert pigments – coloured or black – adjusted hue by hue to boost the effect of each shade.