LANCASTER The Micellar Cleanser Collection    

In today’s world our skin is put to the test everyday, both […]

In today’s world our skin is put to the test everyday, both by the environment and our way of life. To keep skin beautiful, it needs a good skincare routine morning and evening, and cleansing is always the first step. What’s more, well-cleansed skin significantly optimizes the action of face creams and serums and is then better prepared to face another day or recover at night.


For several decades Lancaster’s fabulous cleansers have cleansed, pampered and soothed with their delicate, flower-based formulas. Today Lancaster introduce their first ever micellar-based cleansers with White Orchid, symbol of purity and beauty. Clarifying and purifying, each cleanser in the range is designed to remove makeup and deeply detox the skin to leave it incredibly smooth, supple and velvety-soft.


Micellar technology from the Lancaster laboratories fights all major environmental impurities, pollution,solar filters, dead cells and removes traces of makeup and sebum. Ultra-delicate and highly-efficient it uses dirt-encapsulating micelles. Contrary to traditional cleansing agents these microscopic cleansing spheres naturally trap and lift oil & impurities in the skin.These can then be easily and efficiently wiped away, without rubbing.


It’s not just about removing the day along with your makeup every evening, it’s also important to give your skin a fresh start every morning and yourself a moment to relax. Soft as a caress, The Micellar Cleanser Collection from Lancaster comes in three delicately-scented, incredibly light textures that create the sensation of water-fresh cleansing, with or without rinsing. What’s more, Lancaster micellar structures help limit risk of irritation making them ideal for sensitive skins.


Whatever your skin type or age Lancaster has the micellar solution for you : a clear, delicate micellar water for all skin types, including sensitive ; a refreshing micellar jelly that transforms to water on application, for normal to combination skin ; a light, detoxifying micellar water-to-foam that turns to water for normal to oily skin. Simple, effective and feelgood, each texture is applied in a different way :

Lancaster * Micellar Refreshing Cleansing JellyLancaster * Micellar Delicate Cleansing Water Lancaster * Micellar Delicate Cleansing Water – Apply Micellar Delicate Cleansing Water with a cotton pad, starting with eyes then entire face moving outwards from centre.Change the pad as wished until it’s completely clean. No need to rinse.

– Close eyes and smooth Micellar Refreshing Cleansing Jelly over damp face. On application the jelly melts onto the skin.Rinse with clear water and pat dry.

– Pump Micellar Detoxifying Cleansing Water-to-foam onto fingertips then apply to damp face, massaging in small circles. On application foam becomes watery. Rinse with clear water and pat dry.

DAY IN, DAY OUT, RESET YOUR SKIN, RESTORE YOUR TRUE GLOW