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Atkinsons Candle – Shortbread Surprise

Atkinsons Candle – Shortbread Surprise


Best linen tablecloth. Check. Silverware polished. Check. Fresh flowers in a crystal glass. Check. All is in place for an elegant high tea in the comfort of your own abode where you tempt your guests with artfully arranged morsels of mouth-watering treats.

As the hostess with the mostest, add that final flourish with the irresistible aroma of freshly-baked shortbread, and the rich gooey smell of homemade fudge, courtesy of Atkinson’s Shortbread Surprise candle.

This glorious combination of vanilla shortbread and toffee, offset by a hint of almond, heliotrope and apple tree flower, oozes comfort, warmth and delightfully decadent deliciousness. Milky black tea is the final ingredient for a recipe that exudes warmth and comforting memories.

If you are looking for a mouth-watering scent, look no further ..."

" Almond, Apple Tree Flower, Heliotrope, Hawthorn, Milky Black Tea, Toffee, Vanilla Shortbread"
Size: 200gr

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Celebrating 200 years of Perfume Snobbery.

Atkinsons was established in London in 1799 by James Atkinson.
The fragrance house and its emblematic bear went on to become the official perfumer to
the Royal Court of England and to the most aristocratic and exclusive clientele worldwide.

Drawing on 200 years of English eccentricity, style and impeccable manners,
Atkinsons is now ushering in a new century of perfume snobbery.
“True style,” as Beau Brummel once said, “never goes out of fashion.
You simply cannot keep a good bear down”.