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Caron – Yatagan

Caron - Eau De Toilette

Caron – Yatagan

Caron - Eau De Toilette

Named after a Turkish sabre, this unexpected cyprus fragrance is an invitation to follow in the stead of Ottoman horsemen. The spicy patchouli, wood and musk accord reveals a temperament in keeping with this imaginary tableau: bewitching, surprising, warm and bold.

Dominated by cypress, its invigorating herbal accord is pierced by enigmatic frankincense: a bold combination that is confident and not afraid to be provocative. A virile and exotic olfactory signature.

Yatagan, the signature of a warm-hearted adventurer.

Around PATCHOULI: Patchouli | Cypress

Around ABSINTHE: Wormwood | Incense
Size: 125ml

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Caron was born from a singular vision. That of Ernest DALTROFF, an exceptionally open-minded man with unlimited curiosity and exceptional sensitivity. Having become a perfumer thanks to his love for flowers, he let his experience of the world inhabit his soul. As for Félicie WANPOUILLE, she was gifted with an extraordinary intuition.They developed between the two of them an instinctive understanding of their era. Bold and unclassifiable, mysterious and revolutionary, their duo embodied a rejection of conformity in styles, a stance that became the signature of CARON fragrances. Since the beginning, in 1904, we know that the collision of worlds can lead to infinite, generous and magnificently excessive beauty. Their alchemy of opposites has given rise to captivating innovations that defy archetypes. They have never been monotonous or predictable. Because proudly asserting our duality and plurality makes us absolutely unique. Today, they continue to freely and vibrantly combine marvellous materials and orchestrate their encounter and confrontation to reveal their mysterious depths and sumptuous richness and share them with the world.