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Naj Oleari Lip Brush Accessories

Naj Oleari Lip Brush


Suggested Usage

Retractable lip brush for applying lipstick and lip gloss and blending in lip pencil lines. The soft, compact, synthetic bristles of LIP BRUSH trace the outline of the lips perfectly for easy, controlled application.. Angled tip for precise definition of the lip contour and blending the lip pencil line inwards. The convenient, retractable case means the brush won’t get soiled in your bag, for precision lip definition at any time!

Take a small amount of lipstick or lip gloss on the tip of the brush and trace the outline of your lips, starting with the cupid’s bow. Then fill in the centre of the lips with the flat side of the brush. To boost the volume effect of your lipstick, use the brush to apply a touch of gloss to the centre of the lower lip. LIP BRUSH can also be used to blend in the lip pencil line before applying lipstick. To keep brushes clean and prolong their life, wash the bristles with a mild detergent and rinse them under running water. Leave to dry naturally with the bristles facing upwards.



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