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Naj Oleari Set Il Cuore + Rosso

Naj Oleari Set Il Cuore + Rosso

"Elegant, classy and timeless heart-shaped case contains the most romantic and glamorous colours.



2 Powder blushes
1 Powder highlighter


8 Eyeshadows
1 Eyshadow brush

3 Lip glosses
3 Lipsticks
1 Lip brush"

The 8 eyeshadows with matte, satin and pearly finishes are easy to apply and blend, perfect for creating a naturally day and glamorous night eye looks.

2 powder blushes, with a light and silky texture, give a naturally tanned color to the face.

The compact highlighter is perfect for creating highlights on cheekbones, nose or cupid's bow.

Lastly, the 3 shiny lip glosses and the 3 lipsticks, which can be applied using the brush included, leave the lips glossy and naturally coloured.

Handy applicators are included for both eye powders and cream lipsticks.

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Naj Oleari

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