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Revolution Orange & Oud Reed Diffuser

Revolution Orange & Oud Reed Diffuser

Unwind and diffuse with the Revolution Diffuser Home Collection. Introducing 3 new uniquely fragranced diffusers to create the perfect atmosphere to match your mood throughout your home. A flame free option for creating a soothing atmosphere and a wonderful sensory experience. Each diffuser, a perfect stocking filler, birthday gift or even a little treat to yourself. Place one in your bedroom to help you relax after a long day. Try your favourite scent in your bathroom to help you really soak up some relaxation during your bath or place one in your living room to offer a beautiful atmosphere and fragrant personality to the room. How to use: Place your diffuser in a well-ventilated area safely distanced from any materials or fabrics. You will only need to set up your diffuser once for a continuous gentle fragrance throughout your room for up to 45 days of fragrance. Place all the reeds into the collar of the diffuser bottle and allow them to soak up the wonderfully concentrated oil to slowly fill your room with a fragrant personality. Top Tip: To increase the intensity of the diffuser, carefully rotate the reeds daily. For a more subtle fragrance you can use fewer reeds and rotate them less often.
Size: 100ml

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