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Sisley Le Phyto-Gloss


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A real infusion of moisture and continuous nutrition, Le Phyto-Gloss embellishes the lips with extreme shine. At the heart of the formula is ""Hydrobooster"" Complex, composed of Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Glucomannans, which plumps and smoothes the lips. Its enveloping texture is neither greasy nor sticky feeling: ultra-creamy, it blends perfectly into the lips and coats them with a fine and silky film for an addictive soothing sensation. Each time you pucker your lips, the sensation is reactivated to ensure absolute comfort.

Applied to lips alone or as a top coat on a lipstick for more intense result

Microshperes made from Konjac Glucomannans and Hyaluronic Acid help to maintain an optimal level of hydration. Macadamia oil rich in Omega-7, combined with the nourishing, soothing and regenerative properties of Shea Butter. Lastly, the anti-free radical properties of Vitamin E Acetate protect the lips against external aggressions and oxidative stress.

Size : 6ml
1 - Moon
2 - Aurora
3 - Sunrise
4 - Twilight
5 - Fireworks
6 - Paradise
7 - Venus
8 - Milkyway
9 - Sunset
10 - Star
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