Summer Falls into Autumn

Just like the Autumn Season brings its changes in nature, the falling […]

Just like the Autumn Season brings its changes in nature, the falling of leaves, with the most beautiful of brown amber and gold hues, to the start of winter flowers dahlias, roses, chrysanthemums, so does the human body change, particularly the skin and hair organs.

As this change is taking place, we also start yearning for autumn clothes, going into deeper colours, and textures, maybe a little bit more of purple, dark green, red, dark blue.

With this change comes also the effects of the past summer, which if taken a bit too drastically, could leave its visible effects in skin dryness, slight wrinkles and sometimes pigmentation.

Sun enhances your mood, relieves stress, and a good source of Vit D, but the UV light damages collagen and elastin tissues in the skin, so it becomes fragile and does not spring back into shape causing sagging, apart from skin becoming very dehydrated after long sun exposure.

You will probably feel the effects of this dryness and damage, skin feels tight and dull, and need to try and replenish all the nutrients, and water lost in summer.

Summer Falls into AutumnProbably we have all gone through picking that Saturday afternoon, to give our skin a much deserved boost, by first cleansing our skin well,followed by a face scrub to remove any dead skin cells on surface of skin.  Here we have used a beautiful melting gel mask by Payot, ‘ Gel Gommante Douceur’, by gently massaging this gel mask and rinsing off, the result is of absolute freshness and softness to the skin, also to add that this scrub has no abrasive properties to it, so can be used even on sensitive and young skins.

Once the skin is polished and more receptive, we can apply a hydrating mask, here we are also using Payot ‘Hydra24+Baume-EnMask’, its main action is to restore and preserve the water balance in the thirstiest of skins.  The resulting feeling is one of freshness and suppleness to the skin.

After rinsing off the mask we can then apply a serum, to reach deep down and repair the damaged underlying structure of the skin,, choosing the right one depending on your skin type, followed by  a moisturiser and the right  eye cream to follow.

Then it comes to the fun part of the change of season: The colours.  It is always an exciting time when the new make-up colours and trends are out in our stores.  This Autumn we are seeing a range of beautiful reds, brownish golds, and greys, preparing us for the winter season to come.  One of the new make-up trends at the moment is stick highlighter, when applied to cheeks, eyelids, and brows, gives a healthy natural glow, also very easy to use too.

Meteorites Baby Glow Touch highlights and contours at the same time in Rosy Shade.

Summer Falls into Autumn Summer Falls into Autumn





Also a new eye brow brush mascara, by Dior, resulting in a perfect and volumizing natural finish.

Summer Falls into Autumn

Summer Falls into AutumnThen we come to the finishing of all make-up, the lip colour, and our latest Guerlain wand applied lipstick comes in a velvet matt finish, hence the name Guerlain Intense Liquid Matt, in seven different shades, do not miss out on the sexy red in this collection, in fact called, Creamy Velvet
Lip Colour M25 (Seductive Red).

Experimenting with new colours, textures and mediums in make-up is always very exciting, puts everyone in a good mood, and always gives a much needed boost in our everyday lives.

So roll-on Autumn, we are eagerly awaiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!