Today’s woman must be “empowered and new”: emancipated, free, strong, independent and […]

Today’s woman must be “empowered and new”: emancipated, free, strong, independent and always “in the driver’s seat”, in command of her life. Based on these essential values of modern femininity, Trussardi Parfums has created a new classic in the art of perfume and an authentic defining identity for the brand of the greyhound.

Trussardi is the first perfume of the Maison designed for these new women who know how to combine ethics and aesthetic and a love of justice and beauty. They are determined to always be in charge of their destiny and are able to transfer these messages also to future generations.

A fragrance for women by women: Julie Massé and Violaine Collas, the very talented emerging stars of the famous perfume house Mane, worked on this project following the double path of new feminism and a love for style and elegance. 

A new fragrance for new women, it elevates the packaging, transforming it into an object of high Italian design characterized by an attention to detail that is in the DNA and tradition of Trussardi.


The completely Italian olfactory composition was formulated by Julie Massé and Violaine Collas using a series of typical ingredients to evoke Italy’s vibrancy, elegance, positivity, serenity, joy and excellence. The olfactory score revolves around the cardinal points of an Italian spirit and feminine boldness. Each of these elements corresponds to a focal point of the Trussardi olfactive pyramid.

In the head notes, the freshness of the Italian accord and Italian tangerine blends with the luminous sweetness of neroli. In the heart notes, there is the embrace of straightforward, robust lavender (historically used in men’s fragrances) with an exciting duet created with the hypnotic notes of jasmine absolute and white dahlia. Rounding out the score, velvety base notes opening with suede accords (the brand DNA) perfectly enhance violet accords and draw to a close with patchouli essential oil.