New by DIOR…Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy

The new Capture Totale line concentrates all the power of the science […]

The new Capture Totale line concentrates all the power of the science of mother cells and Dior floral expertise for total age-defying correction. The textures have been exclusively formulated by biologists to perfectly fuse with the skin and deliver boosted effectiveness. The skin glows with health and appears younger, at any age.

Mothers to all other skin cells, they encapsulate life and youth. One mother cell alone can rebuild entire sections of skin thanks to its incredible division and differentiation powers. Unlike the body’s other cells, skin mother cells infinitely duplicate, revealing the skin’s exceptional potential to revitalize. 

The new Firming & Wrinkle-Correcting Creme concentrates all the expertise of Dior Floral Science in an exclusive revitalizing technology. Dior Science has successfully decoded the natural revitalizing power of 4 exceptional flowers to restore the full powers of the skin’s mother cells**. By combining them with a next-generation vector, their assimilation** by the skin is boosted by 30%. Formulated with 91% natural-origin ingredients***.

Capture Totale – New by DIOR

* Patent granted for longoza extract EP1933808 for Germany / CN101282711 for China / KR101460769 for Korea / JP5247454 for Japan. ** In vitro test on ingredient. *** Percentage of natural ingredients in the serum. In compliance with the ISO 16128 standard Parts 1 and 2. The remaining ingredients have been carefully selected to optimize the formula’s effectiveness and stability.