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In an increasingly global culture, diversity is everywhere.  And Malta is no exception.  When you walk around, you hear a myriad of languages and accents, and see people with different physical and facial features – a representation of the colourful and varied tapestry of the human race.

This year’s campaign celebrates diversity.  Because diversity definitely makes life more interesting.  Imagine how boring life would be if everyone looked, sounded and thought the same way.  If all the birds looked the same and the trees carried the same leaves.  Our world would lack its endless beauty and timeless wonder.

When we, as people, learn to embrace diversity and start to know people as they are and not as we perceive them to be, our diverse world will provide an endless source of joy and an opportunity to “step outside of our own canvas”, thus becoming less afraid of our differences and more attuned to our similarities in a world full of both.  In the end, we all need a heart and a brain to live, oxygen to breathe and food to survive but the way we look and speak might be different.  Not only is this OK, it is what really provides richness to our world.

Because yes, there is BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY.

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