Launch of Ron Esclavo Rum

Rum Malta A simple search of buy rum Malta on google will […]

Rum Malta

A simple search of buy rum Malta on google will send you to our online shop and of course there is a reason! This month, Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials launched a premium brand of Rum named Ron Esclavo. Ron Escalvo is a boutique brand distilled in the Dominican Republic and found in exclusive boutiques in Malta.

About Ron Esclavo and it’s fantastic Rums

During the 16th to 19th century the slave trade was a flourishing business that made a lot European entrepreneurs very wealthy. It had all started when European traders would sell weapons to 1 African king to use against his enemy and sell off his conquered people. Eventually the Europeans ended up conquering most of Africa and shipping hundreds of thousand to plantations across the other side of the ocean.

The Caribbean provide to be fertile ground for sugar to grow on, of course with cheap labour it soon became the leading producer of sugar cane in the world.

The Rum brands name pays homage to the slaves that were imported from Africa to work on these plantations to grow sugar cane that would supply the West is ever growing sweet tooth. Within the Ron Esclavo series you’ll discover a rum for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a pleasant drink for beginners or cask strength for the experienced rum connoisseur, you’ll find it here.

Our experience of these Rums.

When we received these fine spirits in Malta the Franks GE team set out to try them as objectively as possible, after all choosing the right product for our shop is not a issue we take lightly.

We started off with the Gran reserva which had a sweet aroma of brown sugar and fruit. After that we progressed onto the 12 year old versions, these evidently were in a different league. What left a lasting impression is the 12 year old rum aged in Islay whisky barrels. This was a unique rum as it had the sweetness of the distillate with notes of smoke and iodine.

The last beauty we tried was the XO and what a beauty she was. Complex, fruity with a long length, no wonder people go mad when they try them.

A history of rum and the navy.

During the 18th century travelling from one country to next next would take a while, let alone crossing an entire ocean. In fact when sailors would cross the Atlantic they would spend months on end waiting till they arrive on shore. Of course this would lead to a sickness called Scurvy which is when the body doesn’t get enough vitamin c.

It turns out that rums are ideal as they contain a lot of sugar that helps prevent the loss of your teeth and so most sailor were given portions of this sea fairing drink to help alleviate the possible effects.

The decor of the box and labels.

When speaking to one of the directors of these rum we found out that the idea behind the label was for it to appear more appealing to women , in fact its clean design and floral labels are a definite eye catcher. So remember, if you are looking for the perfect gift for this summer a Ron Esclavo rum will not be wasted.

Where to find these Rums?

Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials is proud to add this boutique producer to its ever growing list of fine wines & spirits. Pop by our shop in level 2 , the Plaza shopping centre, Sliema, Malta to try them before you buy or purchase them via our online shop. Free delivery applies for purchases over 50 euro all over Malta & Gozo.