FRANKS 2023 Campaign – Embrace the Bold, Colourful You.

While are DNA colour codes are black and white, FRANKS stands for […]

While are DNA colour codes are black and white, FRANKS stands for colour – from the different fragrant bottles, to make up and all the goodies stocked up that sum up what for us is The Art of Living Beautiful

With this year’s campaign, we wanted colour to shine through but most importantly we wanted an important message to get through – Embrace the Bold, Colourful You.

We feel that we need to stop stereotyping and we should all embrace ourselves in our differences and feel comfortable in our skin.  We should all work on enhancing our different colourful character facets without being scared of not conforming.  In our industry, we are inundated with beautiful images, bloggers and influencers through all the social media platforms where unfortunately filters are sometimes encouraged.  While these videos are inspiring and a work of art, we feel that they do not pass the right message and can create more complexes to viewers who would already not feel comfortable with the way they look, sometimes leading to extreme pressures and measures.

It is only when we will truly embrace our uniqueness and improve on it that we will be able to be truly happy with ourselves and thus be able to live a better life.