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FRANKS Campaign...

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Travelling is always a source of inspiration to many!

Exploring a new place can fill everyone with urge and enthusiasm.

This year, without travelling, we had the opportunity to view our beautiful island through the eyes of a tourist, savouring and taking in beautiful sites and landmarks, which we are usually too busy and engulfed with our normal life to admire.

Being a local 127 years old business, in this campaign, we wanted to highlight some beautiful and iconic local landmarks and spots. We have chosen the five were you can find our seven retail outlets.

We have opted for figure illustrations, with a focus on natural beauty and self-confidence.

There was no real life muse in terms of our characters in this campaign.  Their faces do not show completely, and neither their emotions.  They were only given life through their poses and outfits. 

Thus we leave you with a free canvas for the emotions you feel when you carry that Franks bag.  And encourage you to be unique in your own wonderful way and just feel comfortable in your skin.

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