Looking to Buy Gin? Franks launches Wessex Gins

This month Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials launched a premium brand of 8 English […]

This month Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials launched a premium brand of 8 English gins called Wessex Gins. These are top rated spirits that have won numerous gold medals in the prestigious San Francisco Spirits awards 2020. The vast range of flavours is ideal for the novice to experiment with new styles .

About the distillery

Wessex gins is a family owned distillery in the heart of Wessex that produce a variety of different flavours and style of spirits, these range from Wessex spiced gin made with cardamon and coriander, Rhubarb & Ginger with a dash of cinnamon,  sloe berry ideal to mix with local soft drinks like Kinnie, Sicilian lemon & ginger, Gooseberry & elder-flower as well as their own original recipes such as Wessex Alfred the great ( ideal for a negroni) , Wessex Wyvern & the Wessex Saxon gin made with rose petals, hibiscus and lavender.

Each of these mouth-watering and refreshing spirits comes in a beautiful coloured glass bottle and is ideal for gifting due to their great flavour and also because they are only found in exclusive outlets in Malta & Gozo. Buying has never been so easy, just type in “buy gin Malta” in google and our link will instantly pop up.

How we decide which brands to stock.

When sampling these spirits the team at Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials was instantly flabbergasted by the elegance and depth of each of the samples. The first bottle we opened released a aroma of strong juniper, tangy citrus and spicy cardamon.

In fact we found it very hard to choose which one we preferred as the range is so vast and each one was so well crafted. After 2 rounds of voting we arrived no closer to choosing a winner, it was clear from the outset that these where going to be instant local favourites.

After having tried them by themselves we decided to add some tonic water, in this case we used Artisan tonics which are a small producer of tonic water. We felt that the Artisan Classic tonic worked best with the Alfred the Great , the Elder-flower & Gooseberry & the Wyvern varieties.

However, the fiery ginger beer was a natural partner for the Sloe Gin and the Rhubarb & Ginger. Last but not least the Artisan Pink citrus was well balanced with the Wessex Saxon, Wessex lemon & ginger and the Spiced elixir. We always suggest pairing a good tonic if you buy distillate that is of a certain quality.

Choosing which products to stock in our outlets is a very seriously matter as it will directly impact what we can offer our clients. Being a 5th generation company that was founded in 1893 we are very aware of the service and responsibility that our customers expect from us. In fact our reputation extends beyond our shores and this is the reason why Wessex distillery contacted us. We also take pride in offering our clients free gift wrapping as we believe that presentation is key.

With over a 100 different bottles in our online and brick and mortar shops you will definitely not be disappointed when you choose to buy locally. From commercial brands like Gordons to boutique brands like Wessex, we try to give you the option to taste a small portfolio of our gins at any time of the day. We believe that it will help put your mind at rest to choose the right gin for the right occasion.

So the next time your taste buds fancy a tipple and you decide to buy it from your local wine & spirits shop, remember to pop by our shop in Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials, Level 2, The Plaza shopping centre Sliema or log in google and benefit from free delivery when spending 50 euro from our online shop.