Get closer to our Employee of The Year, Ms Esmeralda Law

  When did you start working at Franks? Describe your career journey […]


When did you start working at Franks? Describe your career journey within the company?
The journey started 11 years ago. I joined Franks as a part-time, just a year after, I was on full time. At first I started working as a sales person and through ongoing training at Franks now I am a beauty consultant and a make-up artist.

Get closer to our Employee of The Year, Ms Esmeralda LawDescribe your role as a Beauty Consultant and what your typical day is like.
From the experience I gained throughout these years, I make sure that clients get the best awareness of what they are looking for, with the best service. A typical day starts by checking that all make up tools are clean, shop is spick and span, checking stands and serving customers.

What is your favourite part of working for Franks?
Working with a great team surrounded with the latest cosmetics, and exposed to the best brands.

This year you were awarded the ‘Employee of the Year’ award. This means you have excelled in your role. What are the things you did/do which contributed to this? How does it feel being recognised for your efforts? What advice would you give to others who are aspiring at reaching this level of professionalism?
I make sure that costumers are pampered with the best service I can offer. Also, by being there for my colleagues and management, doing whatever has to be done in the shop – always with a smile on my face. Following the award, I feel happy, refuelled with energy which keeps me motivated. I would advice new employees to be focused, passionate, determinate and hard work leads to success to every journey.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Raising a family, while keeping up with work at Franks, of course.

After having worked at Franks for 11years, what keeps you motivated?
Something new and exciting is happening all the time at Franks, this keeps me motivated.

How have you seen the company change over the years and where do you see the company headed in the future?
Today Franks is the leading retailer in fragrance and cosmetic in Malta. The company always had one priority to deliver the best retail service and product information to its clientele. I have seen growth in development both in the company and its people. Also, Franks started “Make-up Made Easy” sessions were it helps its clientele on make up products and how to apply them. Franks, adding and developing into a section of a gentlemen’s boutique items became even more, the shop for everyone’s needs.