Trussardi Sound Of Donna

Heels clicking on the stairs, the wind blowing in her hair, silk […]

Heels clicking on the stairs, the wind blowing in her hair, silk gliding over leather pants: these are the sounds of a feminine, rebellious, ironic and chic, iconic and modern woman. The sound of her voice is heard above everything. It is delicate yet powerful, as unstoppable as happiness, vibrating with desire. Sound of Donna is the new women’s fragrance by Trussardi Parfums. The target group includes the X Generation and Millennials: young, multitasking women who love their jobs and leisure time. They adore  music, life and its opportunities, and men able to make them really laugh. The olfactory structure of Sound of Donna created by Emilie Coppermann is full of surprises, such as the contrast between tangerine, magnolia, green almond, tuberose, heliotrope and the Mont Blanc accord. The perfume pays homage to the brand’s sophisticated elegance but with a touch of irreverent femininity able to win over the public like a pop hit.

Trussardi Sound Of DonnaTHE FRAGRANCE

Elegant yet unconventional, Sound of Donna is a fragrance that leaves no one indifferent. It belongs to a new olfactory family: Oriental Floral/Gourmand/Woody. In the vivacious head notes, tangerine juice flirts with crisp green almonds and the incomparable freshness of magnolia. In the heart notes, the hypnotic sensuality of tuberose is enhanced by the undisputed femininity of the rose and the caressing softness of heliotrope. In the base notes, there is a subtle balance of three elements that usually contrast with one another: sandalwood, patchouli and the Mont Blanc accord. The last ingredient is the true star of the entire creation.


The dominant color of the packaging and bottle is Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet, the 2018 Color of the Year. It is an intensively provocative and reflective shade of violet able to communicate originality, ingenuousness and a visionary thought that traces the path for the future. Enigmatic violets have always been a symbol of counter-culture, unconventionality and artistic inspiration. The other shade is silver, which appears in the logo and the name embossed in relief, on the sides of the box and on the bottle, which is framed by two shiny aluminum bands. The same material is found on the bottle where the T-shaped logo is carved: the initial of Trussardi and the first symbol of the brand. Wavy horizontal lines are embossed in relief on the packaging and on the bottle: a rebellious and irregular reinterpretation of the musical staff. The bottle design has no distinct front and back view so it can be admired from every angle without a pre-established perspective. It is another metaphor of a woman who leaves her mark in the form of sound.

Trussardi Sound Of DonnaTHE VISUAL CAMPAIGN

An intense portrait of a woman was created by Emma Tempest, a sophisticated fashion and lifestyle photographer born and raised in Cornwall and now dividing her time between London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. The woman is Annalisa, the beautiful 33-year-old singer/songwriter who made her debut on the “Amici” talent show in 2011 (she won the special Critics Award) and has already successfully participated in four editions of the Sanremo Song Festival. This year her magnificent song “Il mondo prima di te” won third place. Views of the music video have exceeded 21 million. Annalisa — with a degree in physics, over 800 thousand followers in Instagram and a boundless passion for music — is the perfect celebrity testimonial for the new Trussardi Parfums fragrance, Sound of Donna. Her lithe figure in a pair of skin-tight leather pants under a tailored jacket stands out against the cobalt blue sky of Milan at dawn. Her full red lips are slightly parted. Perhaps she is smiling, perhaps she’s about to kiss the love of her life; she is certainly singing and making enchanting sounds. This is Sound of Donna, as the silver lettering says on the Ultra Violet glass bottle appearing beside her on the page.