L’Homme Idéal Sport

The ideal man is a myth. But with L’Homme Idéal Sport, Guerlain […]

The ideal man is a myth. But with L’Homme Idéal Sport, Guerlain has made his fragrance a reality.

He likes to take care of himself and rise to a challenge, without becoming a performance addict or body worshipper. A charmer, he is well aware that women are not looking for “Mister Muscles”, but a man at ease in mind and body. He embodies the very essence of sport. If he goes running in the morning, it’s to clear his head; if he goes boxing or to the gym in the evening, it’s above all to unwind. To him, sport is just as much a game as a means to excel. In the changing room, he locks away his little stresses of the day, and tidies away his files and connected objects. It’s his decompression chamber; he relaxes and gets into top shape, partnered by his energy-packed eau de toilette…

The ideal Eau de Toilette Sport ? Stimulating fresh spices, reinvigorating aquatic notes and an irresistible almond trail. A fresh fougère fragrance that will trigger your athletic potential.

The ideal bottle? Masculine, luxurious and elegant. A square, faceted bottle with clean lines and unique deep blue sides in a lacquered matte finish. A bright – yet dynamic- red label. A heavy and decidedly masculine cap with guilloché detail borrowed from the world of watch-making.