Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans London has been at the forefront of international denim-led fashion […]

Pepe Jeans London has been at the forefront of international denim-led fashion for the past 45 years. Few fashion brands can claim the same level of international success.

The denim pioneer began life as a small market trader on London’s Portobello Road where Nitin Shah, along with his two brothers, Arun and Milan, began customising jeans at the weekends.  Despite its humble roots, the brand’s vision was clear from the outset: to create the most exciting denim-led fashion on the planet. It was a vision that didn’t go unnoticed, and the label quickly became the talk of the town among London’s fashion set.

By 1975, the number of market shops had grown to four and the first boutique had opened on the King´s Road. Pepe Jeans London went on to expand rapidly in the UK in a market dominated by major US brands. This success can be attributed to the company’s ability to outdo the competition in terms of good design, quality fabrics and variety of finishes.

Throughout the early Eighties, Pepe Jeans London was in the ascendant, becoming one of the biggest denim brands in the UK and revolutionising tradeshows by creating exciting themed stands.

It was at this time that many of the brand’s iconic items were developed: the triangular ‘Pepe’ logo, the keyring and pinstripe denim. The keyring in particular caused frantic bartering, haggling and hysteria in colleges, shops and youth clubs, and became quite the original collectable.

The beginning of the Eighties also saw the brand expand into European markets: the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. It was a move that was consolidated during the Nineties. By the start of the new millennium, Pepe Jeans London had confirmed its reputation as one of the hottest brands in the denim market. Most recently, Pepe Jeans London has turned its focus to the emerging territories of Latin America and Asia.

Today, Pepe Jeans London trades in over 60 countries, sells through more than 5,600 stockists and has over 373 own-brand stores. All 2,500-plus of its employees will happily confirm that the brand remains devoted to its initial mantra ‒ to create the most exciting denim-led fashion on the planet.

Pepe Jeans London


An elixir of sensuality. This is a scent for the skin. A fusion of amber and vanilla enhanced with delicious notes of almond milk, marshmallow and musk for a soft, intimate and absolutely addictive finish.

Bottle for her:

Sculpted in the shape of a martini glass, the new fragrance for her represents a desire to enjoy life.

The surface of the bottle is cut entirely in prisms using bright, elegant pink-tinted glass.

Sophistication is brought to the design in the form of a metallic pink cap that stylishly and delicately adorns the crystal bottle. Another splash of originality comes from the inverted presentation of the fragrance.


A refined masculine freshness and the elegance of simplicity. A fresh start featuring bright citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin. At its heart, a timeless lavender essence dominates before revealing creative, bold notes of coffee liqueur. A modern woody structure emphasises the masculine scent.

Bottle for him:

An elegant, bold shaker for him. The shaker from the bartending atmosphere provides the inspiration for a young, masculine design ‒ a prism-etched crystal coloured with Pepe Jeans’ distinctive denim blue.

The metal shoulder pad adds a young and innovative touch through the combination of different materials.