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Rouge Dior Forever Liquid

Rouge Dior Forever Liquid

Discover Rouge Dior Forever Liquid, the transfer-proof Dior lipstick that won't smudge on your mask: lip makeup that survives the stresses of day-to-day living with 12h* of flawless wear. * Instrumental test carried out on 22 subjects.

1. Line your lips with Dior Contour.
2. Apply the lipstick in a single sweep.
3. Let your lips dry for 5 minutes.
Select an option
200 forever dream
300 forever nude style
458 forever paris
558 forever grace
626 forever famous
637 forever sublime
720 forever icone
741 forever star
760 forever glam
820 forever unique
840 forever radiant
861 forever charm
959 forever bold
999 forever dior

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