Saturday 20th May at FRANKS

  Discover your signature fragrance through perfume profiling – Franks Trainer Claire […]


Discover your signature fragrance through perfume profiling – Franks Trainer Claire Falzon will steer you through a number of lifestyle questions to identify your deal fragrance. Come on this journey with us on Saturday 20th May at FRANKS, The Plaza and you’ll be in for a real treat. Call now to set your appointment on 21316201.


Franks enlisted the services of Nick Gilbert, a perfume expert and co-founder of Olfiction, to train our staff in perfume profiling. For Franks, Nick created a training programme that would give our Beauty Consultants a background to the world of perfumery, empowering them with the confidence to share their knowledge of the industry and technicalities of perfume, before expanding on the concept of profiling and how to effectively question their customers. He trained them on how to think about fragrance synaesthetically – using their other senses – in order to give them language and tools to describe any fragrance. The training included teaching listening skills and how to word questions to help customers open up and share the right information so that the Beauty Consultant can best help them.


There are many fragrances available, and choosing one seems a very difficult task – where do you start? This is when you ask the Beauty Consultant to help. When the tastes of the person are explained to the Beauty Consultant, it becomes a lot easier to assign a fragrance to that person.  For example, someone who wears linen and chiffon in bright colours and tends to drink white wine or sparkling water is likely to prefer a crisp, fresh fragrance over the person who wears dark and rich colours in heavy fabrics – who is more likely to wear an oriental or woody scent.


When you are choosing a perfume for someone else, hopefully you know them well enough to not need to research them beforehand! You should be armed with information about: the previous fragrances they have worn and liked, their favourite colours, their style and kinds of clothes they tend to wear, what they do for fun, what the purpose of the fragrance is (when will they wear it – is it for the office or for nights out?), and their food and drink preferences. All of this provides the Beauty Consultant with the information they need to suggest a fragrance that will make for the perfect gift.


In a globalised market it would be very easy for a client to buy the latest launch or the perfume with the best advertising campaign. However, finding the right perfume for you or the right fragrance for that particular occasion takes much more than that. We are sure that using this perfume profiling approach our staff can help you reach a decision you will not regret.


If you’re interested in a perfume profile session book your appointment today!