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Sisley - White Ginger Contouring Oil for legs



Suggested Usage

Immediately soothes sensations of discomfort and restores lightness and tone to the legs

White Ginger Contouring Oil offers a global solution for women looking for lighter-feeling legs. Combined with a specific massage technique, it offers 4 highly targeted actions :

1. Anti-fatigue action White Ginger extract and Ginkgo Biloba oil extract.

2. Remodeling action Gelidium cartilagineum extract and Cedrol.

3. Toning action Essential oils of Rosemary and Litsea cubeba, combined with White Ginger extract.

4. Enhancing action Shea, Macadamia and Andiroba oils .

Immediately, sensations of discomfort are soothed. Skin is softer, smoother,more toned.

Day after day, legs feel lighter. The silhouette is reshaped.

A beauty oil with a silky texture that is easy to apply and lends itself to a long massage, ideal for toning the legs. Leaves a satiny veil on the skin. Its aromatic essences and fresh fragrance promote a sensation of complete well-being. Does not stain. Allows you to dress quickly after application

Gelidium cartilagineum extract and Cedrol: contouring active ingredients;
White Ginger extract: gives legs a sensation of lightness;
Vitamin E: anti-free radicals;
Ginkgo biloba oil extract: toning/anti-fatigue active ingredient;
Rosemary and

Apply morning or evening, from the ankles to the top of the legs and hips according to the specific toning and draining application method:

1. Apply from the arch of the foot, moving up with circular movements around the ankles with your fingertips.

2. Then massage the calf by lightly stroking with one hand after the other, moving up from the ankle towards the knee, then go around the knee, pressing firmly with an upward motion to stimulate draining.

3. Repeat the same action on the thigh, starting at the knee and moving up to the top of the buttock

4. Follow with large, firm, circular movements with the palms of both hands, moving up from the knee towards the buttock and hip.

Repeat this technique three times on each leg.

Size : 150ml


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