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At Lancaster, for over 70 years now we have been driven by a shared passion: for light. The source of all life and a symbol of energy, and the very essence of all beauty. Your beauty.

Every day, this vital light provides a new opportunity to reveal yourself as you truly are: luminous, radiant and daring at the same time.

In the conviction that a woman’s beauty is intimately linked to her personal fulfilment and the full expression of her femininity, we strive to enable each woman to shine in her own unique way, and to express her personality to the full.

Based in Monaco, bathed in the vibrant and inspiring light of the French Riviera, our laboratories never cease in their quest to conquer the science of light and its interaction with the skin.

By providing patented skincare technologies to protect, maximize and revitalize the skin’s luminosity from the inside out, and pioneering sun protection products to filter out 100% of exterior light, we enable women to enjoy all the benefits of light to reveal their true beauty, day by day. Get the glow, live