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Clarins Fresh Scrub Clarins

Clarins Fresh Scrub

Clarins - A refreshing cream scrub with natural beads for thirsty, dehydrated skin.


Suggested Usage


The cream exfoliant that thirsty skin cannot live without...Fresh Scrub gives your skin a blast of freshness and radiance as it removes impurities and dead skin cells. It contains two sizes of natural cellulose beads derived from wood. The larger ones exfoliate as the smaller ones polish the surface.

  • It exfoliates and smooths the skin with two sizes of natural wood cellulose beads.
  • Your complexion is more radiant.

Thoroughly cleanse your face, then moisten. Warm up a dollop of scrub between your hands. Without rubbing or applying pressure, gently massage in avoiding the eye area. Rinse with water.

Morning or night, once or twice a week.

{ "kalanchoe_pinnata": ["Its organic extract helps boost the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms.”]}

Size : 50ml


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