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Naj Oleari Velvet Collection – Shiny Liquid Duo Eyeshadow

Naj Oleari Velvet Collection – Shiny Liquid Duo Eyeshadow

Two-colour liquid eyeshadow with a luminous finish. The ideal beauty solution when you don’t have much time to spare for make-up, although it can also be used to create more elaborate and glamorous looks. The creamy texture blends perfectly on the eyelid and lights up the eyes with brilliant shades for a long-lasting, eye-catching look. Easy to apply and blend thanks to its excellent gliding properties, it leaves an even, light film with perfect hold. The combination of pearly and shimmering colours makes it possible to create high-impact eye make-up with pigments and pearls. It is easily removed.

Apply a small amount directly to the eyelids using the handy brush and blend it in to define the edges and shape of the makeup. To make the colour more vibrant and intense, apply a small amount at a time.

You can also blend the texture using a flat brush such as the Naj Oleari Eye Brush or with your fingertips.

We recommend starting with the lightest colour and, once dry, intensifying the look with the darkest colour.
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01 Burgundy & Dove Grey (out of stock)
02 Grey & Pink
03 Brown & Bronze (out of stock)
04 Copper & Gold

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