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Sisley Soir D’Orient

Sisley Soir D’Orient

Generously apply all over the body after a shower or bath.

Rich and silky cream, offers intense and long lasting hydration (Lily and Jioh extracts). Leaves the skin soft, supple and satiny (Myrrh extracts and phytosqualane). Penetrates immediately, beautifies the skin and deliciously perfumes it with the sensual and mysterious notes of Soir d-Orient.
Size: 150ml

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Designed with chronobiology in mind, Supremÿa At Night works in the dark, at the precise moment for skin regeneration.
Skin’s regeneration mechanisms are optimal in young skin and weaken with age, causing the appearance of visible signs of aging (wrinkles, a loss of firmness and radiance etc.).
The Supreme Anti-Aging Cream unlocks skin’s regenerative power so it can recover from daily damage and prepare to fight the aggressions of the following day.