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Stackers – White Large Storage Box

Stackers – White Large Storage Box

Safely store your Shoes, handbags, or other valuables in the 3 internal compartments. Or, create your ideal storage space with the Large Storage box by removing the dividers altogether.

Width: 54cms,Height: 19.5cms,Depth: 34cms

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Overview Stackers was born out of a love of organisation, and the idea that everything has its own place. We noticed that there was a lack of beautiful and flexible jewellery storage, so we decided to create it ourselves, introducing the ‘create your own jewellery box concept’ where customers choose the layers that bes suit their collection, then return later for additional layers when their collection grows

Stackers is still rooted in these values, but has now grown to include travel, home, cosmetics and our bag collections, combining clever practical design to help become more organised, while remaining stylish and beautiful. Stackers, organise beautifully.