NEW by Sisley….Stylo Lumière

A cushion pen that captures the light for a rested luminous complexion […]

A cushion pen that captures the light for a rested luminous complexion and refreshed eyes.

Stylo lumière is a highlighter pen that boosts the complexion’s radiance. It eliminates shadowy areas, refreshes, illuminates the eyes and visibly smoothes NEW by Sisley....Stylo Lumièrewrinkles and fine lines.

The combination of pigments and soft focus agents illuminates the complexion and conceals imperfections with transparent results.

“Specular Light” pigments were specifically selected for their ultra luminous properties. True accumulators of light, these new pigments have a refractive index close to that of diamond. Enriched with beauty-enhancing skin care active ingredients – Acai extract, Golden Apple tree extract, Oat seeds and White Lily extract – Stylo Lumière reinforces day after day the complexion’s brightness and radiance, signs of youth. The fine, fresh and light texture softly glides on the skin to ensure a perfect hold.

Stylo lumière is available in 4 fresh and luminous shades for a “no make-up” make-up result.
N°1 Pearly Rose: ideal to illuminate very light to light complexions with pink undertonesSisley Stylo Lumière
N°2 Peach Rose: ideal to illuminate light complexions with a beige or neutral undertones
N°3 Soft Beige: ideal to illuminate medium complexions with golden undertones
N°4 Golden Beige: ideal to illuminate tan complexions with golden undertones

Can be reapplied many times during the day without adding layers to the skin.

Can be applied:
• Alone on bare skin
• Before foundation to visibly smooth wrinkles and fine lines and to refresh
• After foundation to brighten shadowy areas