New Kilchoman limited Single Malt Whisky launched!

Franks Launches new Single Malt to add to its collection Kilchoman, Islay’s […]

Franks Launches new Single Malt to add to its collection

Kilchoman, Islay’s smallest and only family owned single malt whisky distillery has just launched a new limited edition Single malt. This years limited release whisky is aged in the finest Pedro Ximenez casks, giving it a very complex aroma of flavours.

Of course being a whisky from Islay, smoky peat is part of its DNA, and this further complimented by the sweet influence of the barrel it is aged in.

A word from Anthony Wills- founder of Kilchoman distillery.

“Pedro Ximénez casks aren’t always the easiest to work with. That was why we decided on a combination of full maturation and finishing, to balance the distinct PX influence with that of our spirit. I’m delighted with the result; big and bold but with a delightful poise and balance of flavour,”

What makes this Whisky so special?

Perhaps it is the limited amount of stock we received, or its simply the great taste it has to offer. PX aged whiskies are beautiful as they create a tug of war within your palate. On one hand they create a dance of sweet dried fruit reminiscent of mince pies and other hand they pull in the other direction with there intense smoky aroma.

By its very nature of being a boutique distillery, Kilchoman single malt whisky is naturally placed to focus on quality as opposed to quantity.

About the Distillery and the Single Malt Whisky.

Founded in 2005 kilchoman was the first distillery to set up shop in Islay for over a 100 years. Life wast easy in the beginning, but as they say where there is a Will they is a way. Anthony Wills (no pun intended), his wife and his family of 3 boys set to work in creating the Single Malt Whisky that would rule them all.

Since then they have launched a number of expressions in a variety of barrels ranging from bourbon barrels to Sauternes casks. In our opinion there most interesting Single Malt Whisky is what they call there 100% Islay.

The 100% Islay is a range of whiskies whose barley is all grown locally giving the whisky a sense of terroir, which is very rare in a world dominated by large multinational corporations who source barley depending on the price as opposed to the provenance.

A single malt whisky with a local touch…

Perhaps what was most memorable for us at Franks was when our own Andrew Abela, (5th generation director of Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials) actually spent a week working in the distillery and came up with the idea of creating a single malt whisky aged in a local wine barrel.

This went on to win “worlds best single malt whisky” in its category by Jim Murray’s whisky bible as well as being sent all around the world from America to Singapore.

Today Franks is proud to stock a large selection of these fine drams , ranging from the entry level whiskies such as the Machir bay to the rarest single malts the brand has to offer.

So remember if you are looking to buy an exclusive whisky in Malta you can pop by our shop in Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials, Level 2, the Plaza shopping centre, Sliema or buy it online via our website. Remember if you spend 50 euro your delivery is free.

Kilchoman is a renowned single malt scotch known for its moderate smoky taste and innovative approach to whisky production. Since Franks is the islands leading wine, spirits and cigar shop we are proud to stock such an important brand.

The relatively small size of their operation ensures that they pay the utmost attention to each and every cask within their warehouses. This specific bottle has notes of raisins, pudding complemented with a touch of peat smoke and a final layer of citrus. Being extremely rare we only managed to source 12 bottles for all of Malta & Gozo so buy them whilst the last!

How to learn of new single malt whisky launches in Malta & Gozo…

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